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DMR Sealed Fundraising Event

DMR Sealed Fundraising Event

In-Store Pickup Only
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    We are running this release event as a fundraiser for a member of our community to help pay for cancer treatment, all entry costs will go directly to them. We hope that you can join us for this event to help out a great local player. We will be having raffles for many great items also, you can purchase those tickets by donating on the day of the event, every $5 donated gets a ticket. If you can't make it to the event on Saturday but would like to help, you can donate online via this product: https://www.cardboardcastlegames.com/catalog/events/donate_to_steven/419803

    Dominaria Remastered is releasing on January 13th and will be a great set for both limited play and card value. During a sealed event each player is given 6 draft booster packs to open and build the best 40 card deck to play against others in the event. This event will be 4 rounds and players will earn a booster pack of Dominaria Remastered for every round they win.

    Registration Starts: 11am

    Event Starts: 12pm (Noon)

    Entry Cost: $40

    We will have booster draft options for those that can't make the sealed event or finish up with it early. Booster draft uses 3 packs per player, you sit in a "pod" of around 8 players, and pick 1 card at a time to build a 40 card deck to play against others in the event. These events are 3 rounds and players earn 1 booster of Dominaria Remastered per round win.

    Event Starts: 4pm (or slightly after sealed event finishes)

    Draft Entry Cost: $25

    We will have booster drafts start earlier on Saturday if we have around 8 players ready then. We will have FNM Draft option for Dominaria Remastered also.

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